If your child has minor to moderate tooth damage, our pediatric dentists may recommend a dental filling to repair and restore the tooth. Fillings are typically used to treat teeth damaged by cavities or by fracturing or chipping. They work by literally “filling in” the damaged tooth, restoring its structure and shape to return your child’s smile to good health. Dental fillings are often an excellent choice for restoring damaged teeth as they are more conservative than other treatment options and will help preserve more of your child’s tooth structure. Your child’s filling may be made of silver amalgam or of a tooth-colored composite material.

A dental filling can usually be placed in just one visit. Our pediatric dentists will start by removing any damaged tooth material from your child’s tooth, thoroughly cleaning it to remove all traces of decay. The damaged portion of the tooth will then be filled with the filling material and shaped to match the contours of the tooth. Our pediatric dentists will then harden the filling and polish it to provide a lasting restoration.

To learn more about pediatric dental fillings and make your child’s appointment with our pediatric dentists, please contact our office today. We are committed to helping your child regain a healthy smile!